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Welcome to Wordwide FX's new enterprise!

Insight by WFX is a synthesis of our passion for languages and the financial markets. Here you will find technical and fundamental analyses from our clients, media partners and contributors in different languages, as well as discussions on languages and translation. And of course we will keep you updated on what is happening inside Wordwide FX Financial Translations. Hope you enjoy it! Greetings from the Wordwide FX team!


A new chapter for ForexLive


By Adam Button @FX_Button, Currency Analyst and CEO at ForexLive. Translated by Wordwide FX Financial Translations

Good news from our partners in ForexLive. Last week, CEO Adam Button announced their partnership with Finance Magnates, a cooperation that will the allow Canada-based FX and financial news portal to maintain their independence. At Wordwide FX we wish the best of lucks and success to our good friends Greg Michalowski and Adam Button, and all the hard-working people at ForexLive. 

Here's Adam piece of news, appeared on ForexLive on Thursaday, January 5th.

"We're so happy to announce today that we've partnered up with Finance Magnates. This is something that's been in the works for months and it's great to finally be able to share the news.

For us, this is an opportunity to focus on what we do best -- analysing the foreign exchange market. For the past few years we have spent so much of our time and energy on business development and technology.

We're proud of the headway we made but we're not web developers or online business experts; we're currency analysts. That's what we want to do and that's why we partnered up with someone who knows the industry better than anyone -- Finance Magnates.

They are the #1 site for industry news. Michael Greenberg is the CEO and he knows everyone in foreign exchange and his people are experts in technology. I can tell you that we have big plans for development that are going to make the site faster, cleaner and far more accessible.



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Pocos cambios en el USDJPY tras los datos macro de EEUU


By Greg Michalowski @GregMikeFX, Director of Client Education at ForexLive. Translated by Wordwide FX Financial Translations

El par se pasea por encima y por debajo de la MM de 100 horas. 

La productividad de EEUU fue un poco inferior en el tercer trimestre del año, en un 3,1%, pero los salarios se sitúan por encima. Esto es lo que parece que ha sucedido: un poco de todo; sin embargo, en general, las cifras de productividad en el 3,1% son positivas. La media entre 2007 y 2015 es de solo un 1,3%.
En cuanto a los datos de comercio, el déficit es superior y se sitúa en un -42,6, frente a una previsión del -42 y el 36,2 del mes pasado. El aumento del déficit es negativo para el PIB, en condiciones generales, de modo que podríamos esperar que las previsiones del PIB del país para el 4º trimestre del año se moderen un poco. 

Desde el punto de vista  técnico, el USDJPY se opera hoy por encima y por debajo de la MM de 100 horas, que ahora mismo está en 113,95. El rango del día es estrecho, de solo 68 pips frente a la media de 157 pips de los últimos 22 días de mercado. Hay espacio para deambular, pero ¿hacia adónde?
Si echamos un vistazo al gráfico horario, veremos que el par se estancó en el retroceso del 38,2% durante la sesión asiática de hoy, en el nivel de 113,494. El máximo se estancó junto antes de alcanzar el máximo del viernes en 114,199. Ahora, descansamos en medio de este rango. Hay un nivel de soporte que aguanta, y otro de resistencia que hace lo propio. 
Todo esto me indica que el mercado está equilibrado. Compradores y vendedores se preparan para el próximo ataque.
¿Pero hacia qué sentido se producirá ese próximo ataque? ¿Habrá un catalizador?
Si somos compradores, lo que queremos es ver al precio escalar la MM de 100 horas en 113,95 y confirmar. Y dado que ese nivel está ya casi en 114, también podríamos esperar romper esta barrera. Si no se puede, podría ser un problema… ¿no?
Abajo tenemos la zona de 113,80-88, donde en el pasado se registraron algunos mínimos y máximos en giro (círculos verdes). En los primeros minutos de Nueva York, entre las 7 y las 8 de la mañana, hora del Pacífico, el precio cayó bajo este nivel y marcó 113,66. Ahora nos hemos recuperado y operamos con más tranquilidad. Si volvemos a bajar de 113,80, deberíamos ver vendedores empujando aún más abajo. Esto es lo que espero desde aquí.
Todavía no lo sabemos, pero si estos niveles están actuando a modo de contención en el mercado ahora, podemos operar en ellos y esperar a que se imprima impulso y seguirlo. Si queremos caer, hay que perforar bajo 113,495. Si queremos subir, debemos romper 114,199 y confirmar.
Como alternativa, también podemos no hacer nada en este nivel neutral y operar si se produce una ruptura arriba o abajo, buscando impulso tras la acción.
En todos los casos, debemos estar atentos por si llega a imprimirse ese impulso. Si el precio escala ahora sobre la MM de 100 horas, nos gustará ver que los compradores siguen insistiendo y el precio remonta sobre 114,00, que está a solo 4 pips de la MM de 100 horas. Si rompemos 113,80, podríamos plantearnos una acción sobre el mínimo de 113,66 registrado en los primeros minutos de la sesión de Nueva York. Si no se imprime impulso, ello implica que el mercado se siente inseguro y que no tiene interés. De hecho, hoy podría ser uno de esos días … Ahora mismo, eso parece, pero podría pasar cualquier cosa.



Caught With Your Pants Down? Must Be Christmas in Catalonia


By Wordwide FX Financial Translations

Via The New York Times

By Raphael Minder

Here’s one thing Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton have in common. They are being depicted in new Christmas figurines in Catalonia in a rather rude position: squatting to defecate.

The unusual and irreverent “caganer” figurines are part of a longstanding holiday tradition in this region in northeastern Spain, and they are not meant to denigrate the politicians and celebrities they portray. Instead, the figurines hark back to a once-common use for human waste: to fertilize farm fields and grow more food in the days before agrochemicals. The figurines were first made in the 18th century.

The caganer, which can be translated as pooper, is placed somewhere among the characters in a Nativity scene: behind Mary and Joseph, perhaps, or between the animals gathered around the manger.

The hand-painted ceramic figurines generally stand (or rather, crouch) almost five inches tall, and are produced by about 25 companies around Catalonia, many of them small shops.

Most often, the caganers depict an ordinary Catalan in a traditional floppy red hat. But in recent years, a growing number have been made in the likeness of famous people. And that has made them popular far beyond Catalonia.

Almost half the figurines shipped by, the largest distributor, go to the United States. “Just as we imported Halloween from America, I guess some Americans have discovered our tradition and really like it,” said Sergi Alós, the company’s managing director.

Caganers officially go on sale a month before Christmas, but many overseas customers place orders in advance — and this year, Mr. Alós said, they turned out to be something of a barometer. “Hillary started very strong, but then Trump caught up,” he said, declining to give specific figures.

Don’t read anything into the two candidates being shown with their pants down, he said: “We just look at who is in the news, focus on the positive and don’t try to say anything nasty or make fun of either Hillary or Trump.”

Also joining the caganer line this year is Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front in France, who hopes to follow Mr. Trump’s lead and win a presidential election next year with the backing of anti-establishment voters.

It remains to be seen whether the new models will rival the best-selling figurine of a foreigner: Barack Obama. “He has been our king since 2008,” Mr. Alós said.


One More Year at the Finance Magnates Expo: There and Back Again


By Wordwide FX Financial Translations

Back home again after two intensive days in London enjoying great conferences and an amazing atmosphere in Europe's financial capital with the best international minds of the FX industry. It's been great to share the event with people we work with on a daily basis, and to put a face to email conversations and Skype chats. It feels really good to see so many enthusiastic professionals giving their very best to turn these two days into the benchmark event for brokers, retail traders, and companies like ours, oriented to services for brokers.  


FXPRIMUS, FXEMPIRE, AFX Group, UFX, Saxo Markets,, and other clients and specialized media attended one more year the biggest expo in the FX and binary options industry. It was also lots of fun to meet fellow Barcelonians!  We'd like to send special regards to FXStreet's founder Francesc Riverola. 

I hope to see you all again next year!

The Wordwide FX Team

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Увеличение запасов сырой нефти привело к росту пары USDCAD


By Greg Michalowski @GregMikeFX, Director of Client Education at ForexLive. Translated by Wordwide FX Financial Translations

Неожиданное увеличение запасов на 14420K удивило всех. Сырая нефть упала на новостях до $45

Пара USDCAD резко подскочила после публикации отчета о запасах, согласно которому запасы сырой нефти значительно увеличились. Цена поднялась выше 100-часовой MA к уровню 1.3392 и продолжает поддерживаться вблизи этой отметки, несмотря на небольшую коррекцию. Новый дневной максимум составил 1.3407, что 3 пункта выше предыдущего. Теперь цена вряд ли упадет ниже 1.3392.

Следующая цель находится на верхней стороне линии тренда у отметки 1.3416. Последний максимум вырос до 1.3432. Это самая высокая цена с марта месяца. Максимум от 9 марта расположился на отметке 1.3445. Уровень 50% коррекции нисходящего движения с максимума 2016 года, находится на отметке 1.35746.




See you in London!


By Wordwide FX Financial Translations

Wordwide FX Financial Translations will attend this year's London Summit, organized by Finance Magnates in the Brewery, City of London!

We are very excited about the prospect of meeting up with some of our clients, get together with old friends again, and visiting once again one of the most amazing cities in the world. And of course, of making new contacts among the industry's best! 

As a translation service specialized in the financial markets, the London Summit is a must to Wordwide FX.  We're looking forward to seeing you there!

The Wordwide FX Team.

Photo below, Alex, Managing Director (center) with Wordwide FX, with Finance Magnates Client Relationship Manager Minna Kairesalo and former FT executive Björn Enqvist, now Managing Director at Advanced Markets.