By Wordwide FX Financial Translations

Sometime in 2015 we got a phone call from global FX broker ForexTIme, better known as FXTM. As other big firms in the FX industry, they have clients all over the world and they are aware that speaking to them in their own language is a must, so on top of an expert multilingual customer service, carefully recruited around the world, they needed to partner with a translation company not only familiar with the FX industry, but also with proven knowledge of the financial markets. 

"Can you translate into Vietnamese?", they asked. "Sure!" "We need you to cover for our regular translations provider". "No problem at all"! A few days later they asked for a test into Arabic. Their in-house people checked it and we were approved. Green light!

That was our project number 001. It was almost four years ago. At this very moment our project managers are taking care of FXTM's project number 2606. We are in charge of over 12 website languages and of their experts' technical and fundamental analyses that we translate into three languages on a daily basis.

It is a real pleasure to work with the FXTM team daily. Thank you for your trust.

The Wordwide FX Team