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Giving back a bit of good luck

I really like the concept of "giving back", unique to the English-speaking world. Because we believe that to us, privileged people living in privileged corners of the planet, it is a must to give back part of our good luck to deserving causes. We give back because we owe it to them.

Human beings are complex animals able to do extraordinary things, but also despicable ones. And human greed, materialism, and sheer stupidity can be immeasurable. To many of us, it is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that the human species is able to bring to the brim of extinction other beings sharing this planet with us out of greed.  We are guilty of crimes against the planet, against wildlife, and against our own fellow humans. And if any of us can spare a few bucks at the end of the month, it is just as fair that we give them back to those we hurt every day, even if only indirectly. 

Why Orangutans

"Orangutans are the most intelligent beings on the planet after human beings", we learn on The Orangutan Project, "and they adapt to the environment by passing on culture thorugh each generation. A self-aware being, as intelligent as a six year old child, their drive to extinction is an individual story of horror as they are macheted and burnt alive as an agricultural pest." 

Orangutans are also one of the most vulnerable creatures in the planet. They are the slowest reproducing species in the world, which makes them prone to extinction, and tragically they live in an area of the planet that is being quickly destroyed by a few multinational companies turning the rainforest to unsustainable forms of agriculture such as palm oil or pulp paper. 

The Orangutan Project and other associations devoting their lives and efforts to protecting orangutans (or chimpanzees, or gorilas, or whales...) sure deserve these few bucks we can spare at the end of the month. They deserve much more. Please help them, too, if you can.