By Wordwide FX Financial Translations

At Wordwide FX we are happy and proud to be AxiTrader's choice for translation services.

We have been working for AxiTrader since early this year on translations of their documentation and communications releases into a wide range of target languages, and we are now honored to be their stable partner for language services.

We are aware that the brokerage industry requires quick, efficient, quality information in a broad scope of languages, and they count on us to supply them with what they call for, when they call for it. We work together with AxiTrader to transmit exactly what they need for their always urgent communications requirements.

Marketing Manager for the UK and Europe Mihai Milea says of Wordwide FX's services:

"In almost 10 years of experience in the forex industry, I have never come across a better translation agency. Wordwide FX are for me the gold standard in terms of translation services. They are professional, highly reliable, and the quality of their work has always been excellent in all the languages we support. I am delighted to work with a translations agency that understands very well the urgency forex brokerages face every day and the high standards of quality we require".

Thank so much for your kind words and your trust, Mihai. You know you can count on us, and we're looking forward to being AXiTraders' translation partners for many years to come!

The Wordwide FX Team