10 / 04 / 2024

Case Study: Lost in Translation: A Mistake That Can Block Your FX Business’ Wheels

Picture this: a leading financial institution, eager to expand its global reach, decides to translate its website into Spanish. Excited about tapping into a new market, they hand over the task to an individual without expertise in financial terminology. Little did they know, this decision would lead to a monumental blunder.

In the process, the crucial term “stock” was mistranslated as “cepo” in Spanish. What seemed like a harmless oversight turned into a branding debacle. While “stock” is a well-known harmless financial product, a “cepo” brings to mind a medieval torture device or a wheel clamp used for immobilizing vehicles for parking violations!! 🚨 🚙 😫

And one day, this leading broker contacted us to translate the site in Arabic….and…

….our eagle-eyed team of linguists caught the error. Without hesitation, and without request for compensation, we immediately reached out to rectify the mistake.

Just imagine, the huge Latin American market in the horizon and the confusion in the eyes of millions of potential clients.

For our client, the wake-up call was loud and clear: professional translators are non-negotiable, especially in the realm of finance. Had they centralized their translation efforts and enlisted a translator versed in financial language, this debacle could have been averted.

In a world where errors can have significant consequences, trust in our service to not only deliver flawless translations but also to act as a reliable partner in safeguarding your brand’s reputation.


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