03 / 05 / 2024

Case Study: Trade or Theft? 🔫 The Perils of Mistranslation

In our latest case study, we delve into a seemingly innocuous translation mishap that highlights a crucial truth: even the simplest phrases can be mistranslated, leading to potentially serious consequences.

Our team stumbled upon this case while conducting quality analysis of translated content for a recently acquired client. In reviewing the translations provided by another company, or untrained and unaware in-house staff, we discovered the translation of “make a transaction” into Spanish as “transar,” which is fine in some LATAM countries, but in others, like Argentina, is commonly associated with theft or swindling. Not only that, in Argentina and Uruguay, the term is also associated with drug dealing and can even have sexual connotations.

This underscores the importance of thorough quality assurance processes in translation services, especially when assuming responsibility for content previously translated by other providers, and highlights the potential risks of relying on translations from sources lacking linguistic expertise or cultural awareness.

By identifying and rectifying such errors, we not only ensure the accuracy and integrity of our client’s content but also demonstrate our commitment to delivering reliable, culturally appropriate translation solutions. This incident serves as a valuable lesson in the importance of diligence and expertise in the translation industry, guiding our approach to future projects and client relationships.

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